Movement, Qigong & Tai Chi (Kinosophia)

Kino = 'Motion' (Greek)

Here we will explore the wonderful world of “Life is Movement” (A.T. Still) – moving in our magical vehicle, the body…

Our body IS our life – it is the one doing, feeling, experiencing – it is our medium, our instrument, it is all we have to live. Yet, we often treat it worse than the car or the cat!

WHY? What if… there were fun, easy ways to tune-up our vehicle?

Since practicing Qigong and Tai Chi for over 15 years, I’ve taught classes, workshops, retreat groups and festivals.

Often exercise seems like labour… NOT SO here! Enjoyment is key, so I teach with a healthy dose of fun!

… …So if you want more joy in your ride, get in touch for my down-to-Earth professional pedagogical approach!