(The Long, The Short and The Facts)

Maor Netsah

Namaste 🙂 ! (Photo by D.Devaux)
The Long Story...

Born into a family of ‘health-freaks’ who were not so healthy, I was acquainted with a plethora of therapies, medical philosophies and healing practices! I know how it is, to be unwell and well again…

Life was not an easy journey for me (is it for anyone?), and this gives me the compassion and acceptance to hold ‘safe listening Space’ for you… …because I have repeatedly learnt (through trial and error!) that most of my core beliefs were at most only half-true!
And only Life has the real answers.

At 27 (with much help!) I underwent a ‘Rebirth’ process, and as I write this I almost cannot believe that every day now I am consistently feeling grateful and choosing to be pro-alive, no matter what is happening! Crazy…! It is my ‘greatest achievement’, and this appreciation and intimate connection with Life is what I can share with joy!

“In a sky full of people only some want to fly
Isn’t that crazy” (Seal, Crazy)

Osteosophy®… is in my bones and in my blood:
Since babyhood I experienced treatment from umpteen pairs of hands, and after my osteopathy Masters degree I discovered that my grandfather, a pioneering naturopathic physician, had also studied it with a past-principle of the university! I knew I had only scratched the surface of hands-on/off therapy and the search for truth led to Osteosophy…
I feel extremely blessed to have met my mentor Prof Dr JM AT Beuckels, who has dedicated his life to integrative medical research & practice. I assisted him in teaching medical students in Germany for 3 years and continue to study with him. The journey continues into Biosophy – a name from Spinoza (17th C. philosopher) for the applied understanding of Life.

You see, when you touch Life… well, it touches you. It’s a priviledge to share this journey which is a development process for both practitioner and patient! My style is meticulously thorough, caring, gently respectful, and above all governed by honesty, integrity and – dare I say it – a general love of people!

Taiji & Qigong (the Chinese movement practices) have been part of my life since my mother, an acupuncturist of 30 years (we now work together!), dragged me along as a lad. They keep me ‘grounded’ and I enjoy teaching them with a healthy dose of FUN as ways to take care of our bodies & expand our bio-awareness.
…Qigong also played a major role in improving quality of life for my father’s journey, who taught me about the mortality, mystery and extreme preciousness of our Life.

By Nature, I love performing educational talks, dance, art, music, laughter… expressions of the absolute gift of being alive, of having a body.
And a body moves… ‘Life is Motion’ (AT Still)
This is what the ‘therapy’ is about – learning to Be our True Self, Moving in life, with Life!

“May the Motion Be with You!”

Mordechai Netsah Naturopathic Physician
Mordechai Netsah, Naturopathic Physician
Anna Konkurowich Netsah Acupuncturistx
Anna Konkurowich-Netsah, Acupuncturist & Teacher
Jean-Marie AT Beucekls
Prof Dr JM AT Beuckels, my Osteosophical mentor

...The Short Story...

Maor is fascinated with learning about humans and life, in order to find more ease and joy for himself and others.
Since graduating from a 4 year full-time Integrated Master’s Degree in osteopathy (UK) in 2014, Driven by the utmost honesty, ethical integrity and a deeply caring nature to providing the best service he can, Maor has continued intensively training in all aspects of manual therapy and movement rehabilitation, and assisting in teaching medical students at UWH Medical University, Germany.
He has practiced Osteosophy® and taught Tai Chi/Qigong in the UK (currently in Crowborough, East Sussex, England), and as a visiting practitioner at world-class wellness resorts such as Bodyholiday (Caribbean, 8 months residency) and Atmantan (India – see Maor featured in AsiaSpa Magazine here).
He enjoys working with everyone from pro-athletes to office workers, newborn babies to the elderly and specialises in ‘generalism’: i.e. nothing other than the whole integrated human!!

Exploring movement meditation and consciousness is his passion for discovering more freedom in/out the body and finally being able to say “It feels good to be ALIVE!”-

...The Facts!

  • Member Institute of Osteosophy and Clinical Osteosophy (IOCO, Belgium)
  • Integrated Masters degree Osteopathy (ESO, UK)
  • Sports Massage Diploma (ITEC L3)
  • Over 40 extra courses in manual therapy (inc. structural-bio-mechanical, functional, visceral, cranial/cranio-sterno-sacral, fascial), functional stretching, life coaching, NLP, kinesiology, etc… and counting!
  • Practicing Qigong & Taiji for over 15 years

…and if you’re interested in inviting me as a Visiting Practitioner or educationally entertaining Speaker: